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this is a phrase i learned at my first CFC Youth For Christ camp back in 2004 where this picture was taken..def a life changing’s a phrase that leaders in the ministry often use at each camp/conference for those who’ve never been to one..when i first heard it, i didn’t think much of it..but to this day it’s still something i advise myself &others to keep in mind when need’s def a good way to remind one’s self to keep an open mind &not to be so cynical about everything..or about trying something new..&it basically cements old cliches like “you can’t say you don’t like something if you’ve never tried it” or “if you keep telling yourself you’re gonna have a bad time, you probably will..”

this is the first piece of advice that was given to me that i REALLY took to heart..i received it right around the cusp of my adolescence..still growing, still learning..&it def helped put things into perspective for me..i’ve since then adopted it as one of my personal life mantras..sucha simple phrase, yet it really says so much..i thought it only appropriate to make it my FIRST post on this new blog..&pay homage to the awesome friend who taught me this, my FIRST valuable life lesson, jesus perozo..thanks, homie..&cheers, everyone..WELCOME TO DEV’s WISDOM!!

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